UN secretary advice developed Nations to learn from Africa’s COVID-19 response

The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres has said that Africa’s response to the COVID-19 should serve as a lesson to the developed world.

so far, Africa has recorded over 92,348 cases and 2,918 deaths. And 36,117 recoveries as at May 21, 2020.

Predictions and Warnings

Various predictions has been made on the continent. That it could grow to become one of the epicenters for the virus. WHO estimated that the coronavirus could kill between 83,000 and 190,000 people in Africa.

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WHO also warned that between 29 million and 44 million people are likely to get infected in the first year.

But Africa so far, has been experiencing the opposite of all the predictions. Reported lower cases than initially feared and lower deaths than the rest of the world.

António Guterres’ statements

After observing these figures, Guterres in an interview with RFL radio in France, was quoted saying that “Most African governments and organizations took in time very brave prevention measures which provide a lesson for some developed nations that did not.”

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“Most [African countries] have moved rapidly to deepen regional coordination, deploy health workers, and enforce quarantines, lockdowns and border closures.” he added.

He further stated that, African countries “are also drawing on the experience of HIV/Aid and Ebola to debunk rumours and overcome mistrust of government, security forces and health workers.”

But the UN chief says it still early days for the pandemic in Africa. So international help is required to strengthen health systems and food supplies on the continent to avoid a financial crisis.

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