Two police trainers dismissed for impregnating 15 female police trainees

Two police trainers have been dismissed after it was discovered that they have impregnated 15 female police officers in training.

According to a report from K24 digital news media, Mozambique police authorities sacked the two male officers as further investigations continued.

The authorities are baffled at how it became possible for the police trainees to get pregnant simultaneously.

Fortunately, the incidents led more eyes to the institution, where the rots in the Academy was unearthed. From reports, some of the trainers harass the trainees in order to dispense favorable conditions for those who give in.

Speaking on the issue, Minister of Justice, Helena Kida said a disciplinary inquiry was held against them; and it is even unclear the number of trainees the men have impregnated; though as it stands now the confirmed cases are 15. There can be more.

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