Transgender man pregnant with 2nd child flaunts baby bump in new photos

A transgender man identified as Kayden Coleman has announced that he is pregnant with his second child six years after he had his first baby.

Ghnewsbag recall that the expecting couple faced backlash from trolls online when they were pregnant with their first daughter Azaelia. Kayden was described by trolls as a monster at the time.

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Kayden said: “When Azaelia was born there were a lot of people who said they felt sorry for her and that she would grow up and be confused.“

“They said that she should be taken away and called me a monster.”

“But it’s important for people to understand that we have full autonomy over our bodies and we should do with it as we please.

“I can’t wait to meet my second baby and Azaelia is so excited about having a little brother or sister.”

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