This is why Obuasi was trending today; Every detail of what started the whole controversial wedding

In summary, a military man has been accused of having jilted his long time girlfriend for another lady; the broken-hearted ex spent a lot on him while he was under training. She now vowed to destroy the wedding with ‘violence’. And that’s was the action we were all waiting for…


Richard Agu, the Ghanaian military man who has been accused of jilting an ex-lover after she spent her money on him, has spoken.

According to him, his ex-girlfriend did not speak the truth in her claims which have gone viral on social media.

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Agu was accused by one lady known as Comfort Bliss Gh who claimed that he had dumped her for another lady after she spent so much money on him.

In a narration under the comment section of a post by famous relationship adviser, Abena Manokekame, Comfort Bliss claimed that she spent her savings of GHc 30k on the gentleman and took an extra loan of GHc8k to see him through the military enlistment.

During his graduation ceremony, Comfort narrates that she hosted the man named Richard Agu’s entire family and took care of them to ensure everything went well.

After he passed out successfully, Richard Agu was not paid for seven months due to some delays, and all through this time, Comfort supported him and made sure he was okay. 

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However, on September 24, 2017, Richard came to Comfort and gave her Ghc500, indicating that he owes her a lot and will do well to pay back the rest of the money.

She claimed Agu stopped picking up her calls since then, always giving the excuse he was busy with one thing or another.

Comfort Bliss’ narration came after pre-wedding photos of Agu and his new woman popped up indicating that they are getting married on Saturday, March 20, 2021.

She even threatened to storm the wedding in Obuasi with police to demand her money from him.

But in an audio conversation, Agu has called the bluff of Comfort Bliss saying she is unemployed and does not even have the said amount to spend on him.

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The military man disclosed that he went for military training just one month after he met Comfort and the only thing she bought when he went shopping for his training prospectus was a pair of socks.

“I met her in October 2020 so how can she say she spent that much on me within this short period? She doesn’t even know my house. The day we went to town to buy my things, all she bought was socks for me,” Agu said.

Thankfully, the wedding was a success and no incidence of violence was recorded.

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