Thanksgiving: Woman gives birth 31 years after marriage

A woman who patiently waited for over three decades for the fruit of the womb has finally given birth.

The woman’s stepdaughter identified on Facebook as Seember Atsenda, took to the platform to share the good news with friends, disclosing that she had to endure all forms of frustrations including her husband’s mood swings for 31 years.

The young lady was full of praise for her stepmother who she referred to as the strongest woman on Earth.

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“My Step-Mom is the strongest woman on earth I know. After 31years of being patient with God and loving humanity, training other women’s children and taking her husband’s mood swings, the lord has answered us by making me a big sister to the cutest and most beautiful baby girl in the whole world.

“I have never been so in love with any human the way I feel about this little human, she makes me cry when she cries. Ladies and gentlemen meet IWANGER I TER, the light of my Parents’ entire life. God’s time is always perfect the devil can only delay the blessings, thirty-one years (31years of waiting on the Lord),” Seember Atsenda wrote on Facebook.

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