South African MPs’ virtual meeting hacked with a P0rn movie

South African MPs were left with disappointment after a virtual committee meeting held over Zoom was hacked.

The meeting was punctuated with p0rn0graphic images and the speaker, Thandi Modise, Chairperson for the meeting verbally abused.

South African local media reported that MPs were met with the offensive images as they went live on Zoom meeting on Thursday morning.

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Unidentified voices then hurled racial insults at Modise and asked her to show her ‘b00bs’.

The frustrated speaker then screamed her objection to the virtual meetings saying “This is exactly what I said about Zoom!”

Many of the MPs have described the rather unfortunate occurrence as “sick” and “disturbing”.

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Thandi Modise was determined to hold the meeting; hence instructed the technicians to fix the problem which they did by creating a new link where MPs then joined in.

This is not the first time such incident has happened. Last month, a meeting by minister for Women, Youth and Persons with Disability Maite Nokoana-Mashabane was also infiltrated with p0rn0graphic.


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