“Some of you posting the Stingy Men Association meme are not stingy but broke” – Pretty Mike says

Some of you posting the Stingy Men Association meme are noting but broke, according to Pretty Mike.

The main aim of the stingy Men Association meme is to portray to some ‘lazy ladies’ that in 2021 men are going to wise up and spend less so they should also go and work.

Though it was supposed to be a meme and a jovial trend but some individuals have taken it to another level.

Pretty Mike for instance has made some daring claims that some of the men posting the Men Association meme are simply broke and nothing else.

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He further stated that such individuals (broke guys) shouldn’t use the trend to justify their broke lives.

He also said that, the trend is not making rich people enjoy their lives peacefully, so we should allow them to enjoy themselves and stop asking them to be stingy.

Posting on Instagram, the Club Uno owner mentioned that he’s not rich nor stingy but working towards his dreams, meaning he does not belong to both the rich nor stingy, so he’s talking from a neutral angle.

See his post below:

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