Social media users descend on two women who just got married

Social media users, twitter to be precise have descended on two women who happily announced the marriage on the internet to celebrate their union.

Marriage is a union between two people; a man and a woman, since the beginning of time.

Today, many religious communities in the world have come to the point of allowing man to man marriage as well as woman to woman marriages by law.

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Many African countries refuse to allow same-sex marriages whiles other European countries have agreed to this the custom.

Africans have a strong belief and moral strictness and almost nothing can tear these beliefs down.

The young lady who took to her Twitter account to post a picture of her engagement with another woman which caused stirs on Twitter stated, “refer to me as Mrs. Jones from now on”.

Many of her followers and netizens became infuriated about her announcement so much that they couldn’t hold back their disappointment in the lady.

Obviously, the people did not agree to the union of the two women and lashed out on them rebuking them for what they have done while others congratulated and praise them for finding their love.

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See some of the comments below:

@Young_Nung: “I have many hidden talents which I don’t even know cuz they’re all hidden”

@AjibolaOVictor1: “Deep down in you, you know this isn’t fulfillment at all. You really have to ask your self again if you made the right choice. Take a deep reflection. You will find the strength to make things right.”

@The_GreatGee: “WTF! people are still practicing this in 2020??? nkt!

@_IbeezParis: “I don’t blame you I blame @Obama for legalizing this rubbish”

@TriciaTakanawaa: “All the negative people under this post seem to be from Africa. Wakanda miserable life y’all living over there!?”

@YemmyMiko: “Abomination.there is a punishment waiting for both of you”

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