Slay War: Sista Afia and Efia Odo clash on social media

Trouble is lurking on social media for two hot personalities,actress Afia Odo and songstress,Francisca Gawugah known by the stage name Sista Afia and it looks like no one is backing down from what appears to be a brewing fight.

Sista Afia and Efia Odo have a dirty past and have dissed each other for the past six years on their various social media platforms before making peace but they have rekindled their beef as they fight dirty once again on micro-blogging platform, twitter over a comment of Abeiku Santana.

It all started when Abeiku on United Showbiz Saturday evening claimed when Efia Odo came to Ghana for the first time, she was really shy and Efia Odo while reacting to that on twitter insinuated Abeiku Santana was lying or he might be referring to Sista Afia and not her.

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Efia bragged about being very confident from the first day she entered the entertainment scene in Ghana to the extent of sharing her bikini pics on social media without paying attention to critics.

In a tweet, Efia wrote; “Me? Efia odo ? Shy? Maybe he means sista afia…when I came no one was confident enough to post their bikini pics by the pill apart from YN”

Sista Afia upon seeing Efia’s tweet warned her to keep her name out of her business. ” Girl !! Keep my name out and keep the trophy 🏆”. She wrote.

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Efia replied by asking why she is ‘angry’ about her statement. “Why you always getting pressed ? Always angry ? Why ?”

Sista Afia bounced back, saying she isn’t ‘angry’ and that if the case was flipped, it would have been a different scenario.

“You called me out in your tweet and now am pressed and angry? Cmon now! If it had being you it’s would have being a whole different scenario! DONT play those games with me!”

It didn’t end there.

Efia Odo responded, saying her statement isn’t ‘deep’ but added that Afia is in a ‘hasty mood’ because her new song, titled “Street”, isn’t trending.

SistA akos, It wasn’t that deep. Like I said I know you’re song ain’t trending so it might have you in a hasty mood but cool down wai.. very soon you go blow. God dey. Make I retweet your pinned tweet give you ?”

See their exchange below:

Efia Odo ended up calling Sista Afia ‘angry hippo’ – a derogatory remark on her plus size body – adding that her conscience will judge her.

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