Sh0cking: SHS Girl Caught With A Gün, She Was Going To Sh00t Her Teacher

Sh0cking, SHS Girl Caught With A Gün, She Was Going To Sh00t Her Teacher

A senior high school (SHS) girl was bûsted with a local gun which she allegedly carried to school to sh00t and murd£r her class teacher.

Some of her friends who saw the w£eapon secretly informed the authorities of the school and she was apprehended and investigated.

According to her, she took the bold step because the teacher made her cut her coloured hair which she cherished so much.

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The incident reportedly took place in a Government Senior High School, Ikot Ewa, Cross River State, Nigeria.

The story was shared by a Twitter user named Samson Idowu Alaba.

”A student of Gov’t Secondary School, Ikot Ewa, Cross River state went to school with a güñ to sh00t her teacher who asked her to cût her coloured her!” He wrote.

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In other news, A man who was jailed in 1953 as a juvenile has finally regained his freedom after spending 68 years in prison.

According to a report from CNN, Joe Ligon was sentenced at the age of 15 after he was found guilty of robbery and stabbing in Philadelphia with four other teens.

During his interview with CNN, the man said he “got caught up, in terms of being in the streets”. While he was found guilty of murder, his counsel, Bradley Bridge said his client never took anyone’s life. 

Furthermore, Bradley stated that the child who was into criminal activities is no more and…continue