Reactions as bricklayer proposes to his girlfriend at construction site instead of fancy restaurant or mall

A man madly in love with his girlfriend did not wait to get to any fancy place before making his feelings known to her.

He went ahead to propose to her at his construction site where he works as a bricklayer.

A corresponding photo shared to this effect depicts how the young man who obviously had butterflies dancing in his tummy at that time going down on his knees while holding a ring and asking the lady to be his bonafide property forever.

It’s not clear how things ended up but the environment where the proposal took place has predictably dominated the headlines.

See reactions below;

@Macpherskn said; Why will I marry when I’m in this condition, them born me for suffer,I want still born another for suffer, and why will a gal even accept me like this,she want suffer die?

@jkwon_vito; Na the guy papa get the block industry n he has been building the relationship with stolen bags of cement from the store!

@omoniyijohn0; I don’t advice the girl to say Yes…. The guy can’t be ready with this job he’s doing.

@OlugbengaAjewo1; The man no be human being again because of his honest source of livelihood?

@ConceiveXCreate; Just know that not all will be rich, and status shouldn’t deny us the good things in life like love and a great family. If you like dey follow people in the comments, some never chop, others don near 30 still dey parents house. Cut your coat to fit you.

@esteenmation;Say no, when you reach 40, you go dey sing carry me dey go ,Jehovah carry me dey go my husband house

@ShalomSadat; no! na stone una wan chop when una marry ?

@danimohjr; Hmmm love at the SITE I hope they no go BLOCK each other letter sha.

@MukhtarAliyuBO1; If the both of them have big dreams and they’re trying to make them reality, why not?