R Kelly begs court to release him from prison due to the Coronavirus

R Kelly who has been serving jail term since July 11, 2019 has made some previous plea to be let out of jail but has got denied on several occasions.

This time, R Kelly has pleaded to be let out of jail because he has proof he is at risk of contracting COVID-19.

According to the documents from Kelly’s attorney, his client has high cholesterol and high blood pressure thus leaving him a vulnerable position to catch COVID-19 while serving a jail term at MCC Chicago.

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In the documents obtained by TMZ, the lawyer of the popular R&B singer claimed the Bureau of Prisons failed to disclose his client’s medical reports showing he is “likely diabetic.”

About a month ago, Kelly made a similar request to be let out of jail because of the COVID-19 without any substantial reason. He only claimed social distancing isn’t possible in jail and also they share some common items which can be carriers of the virus. And some preventive items like sanitizers are not readily available.

Unfortunately he got his request denied by the judge handling his case.

The judge is yet to make a decision on whether to release the singer after two failed attempts.

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