Is there equity in healthcare delivery? Pregnant woman in labour was carried on a wooden door to hospital

A terrible photo of a pregnant woman in labour being carried to a health facility on a wooden door in a remote district of Ghana has generated controversy online.

The incident is said to have occurred at Abrokyire, a rural town in Ghana’s Western North Region’s Aowin Municipality.

Residents of the town were forced to transport a heavily pregnant Hagar Gyamfi–who was in labour –on a wooden door to a nearby clinic at Boins due to the lack of a healthcare facility.

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According to the accounts of residents of Abrokyire, due to poor road network, they have to travel miles to catch a taxi and even longer to get to the clinic; the community is around six miles from the health center.

This is the suffering of citizens who have participated in elections since the country’s inception; they are still carrying their expectant ladies in labour on a wooden door to the hospital.

Madam Gyamfi, thankfully, gave birth to a healthy baby boy and has since been discharged.

The story has generated a public outcry with many calling on government to #fixthecountry.

Photo below:

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