Prophet Nigel Gaisie blasts critics and shades Kennedy Agyapong for his allegations against him

It was recently that Hon Kennedy Agyapong alleged on his Net2Tv that Prophet Nigel Gaisie is the cause of the [email protected] of then-popular female singer , Ebony Reigns and that brought about Nigel Gaisie’s wealth.

In a video sighted on social media, Prophet Nigel Gaisie somewhat angrily responds to critics and perhaps Hon. Kennedy Aygapong and orders them to shut up.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie outbursted, “Some Ghanaians are jealous. If you don’t understand something, shut up and let us do the work of God. Do you know what it takes to do the work of God?”

Do you know what it takes to do the work of God? And you will be sitting down there saying all sort of rubbish.”

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According to Nigel Gaisie, there is no delight he takes in being famous and if he was not called by God, he would have quitted his work as a Prophet of God.

He outlined that he had a call to the office of a Prophet at the age of 13 and 14 and some people do not understand his journey to becoming a Prophet.

“You think I take delight…Every day I am preaching. From January to now, I am preaching.” Nigel Gaisie said.

He continued to say that he is not interested in acquiring wealth because by the mercies of God he doesn’t need money.

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Nigel Gaisie indirectly told Hon. Kenndy Agyapong, ” You sit down there and you insult us…and you there, Prophets have done this and that. Look at me and look at me well, I am Prophet Nigel Gaisie which stands for the word of God. Which stands for the true Prophetism of God.”

Prophet Nigel Gaisie admits to making a mistake and says that he is a prophet though but he is compelled to make any mistake just like any other human being.

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