Prison Break: #EndSARS protestors free prison inmates with brutal force [Video]

The #EndSars protest ongoing in Nigeria has taken a dramatic turn as angry protestors attack a prison and free the prisoners amidst police resistance and persuasion.

According to footages coming in from Sapele Road in Benin City, the Edo State capital, today, Monday, October 19th where the incident happened, these inmates have hit the street shouting ‘freedom’.

This chants of freedom are apparently to say “alas! we have been freed from injustice and police brutality which we have borne over the years.”

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These videos show how the prisoners were using unauthorized routes to get out of the prison as protestors outnumber police officials who were at their wit’s end.

The security situation in Nigeria looks very fragile hence the earlier those in places of authority put their best foot forward to restore peace and calm, the better will it be for the citizens.

Watch Videos Below:

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