Popular Ghanaian lesbian Elladeevah Ellios drugged and rap3d for two days

Ghanaian L3xbian who goes by the name Elladeevah Ellios on Facebook has been drugged and rap3d by unknown men, according to the popular advocate on social media via her Facebook page.

Elladeevah Ellios made that announcement about 8 hours ago on his Facebook profile and revealed she was at the Cantonment Police Hospital receiving treatment.

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According to the lady, she was held hostage for two days, drugged and rap3d. She called on her thousands of followers to give her all the support she needs.

The young lady who had lost all hope revealed her life has come to an end and she wants to di3.

Her full post read:

I was recorded, drugged, and rap3d for 2 good days!! Current location Cantonment Police Hospital. I need all the support I can get ?????. My life has come to an end, I want to die

From what Ghnewsbag has gathered so far, some friends are with her now. We are following the sad story and will keep you updated.

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