Watch: Policemen failed to stop bank robbery as guns they were using malfunctioned

Two Ghanaian policemen couldn’t arrest robbers as a result of malfunctioned guns.

The policemen escaped from a gun battle even before it started in their attempt to prevent a bank robbery in a suburb of Accra.

In a report sighted by Ghnewsbag on the Instagram page of United Television, it was reported that the policemen were trying to foil a bank robbery.

The robbers started shooting after they heard that the policemen were after them.

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The police, in their bid to also open fire on the robbers, cocked their AK-47 guns only for them not to fire due to a malfunction.

As a result, the robbers were able to make away with a huge undisclosed amount of money as the police failed to apprehend them due to their predicament.

Following the incident, it was discovered that the weapons the police were assigned, had not been serviced in a long while and it accounted for their failure to retaliate during the robbery.

Watch video;

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