Photos: Woman marries herself, says she is sick and tired of men

A South Sudanese woman has married herself because she is sick and tired of men.

The dark skin lady currently based in Australia shared a photo of herself in the church where she got married to herself in her own style.

According to Ayuol Manyok, she is completely tired of men who in the name of love have become a torn in her flesh. Following that, she has decided to marry herself to save herself from all drama.

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She shared this on her twitter handle where a lot responded to her announcement.

See some of the reactions below:

“Wow! beautiful & smart & inspiring
And I hadn’t heard of Bell Hooks (to my shame!) so I have now taken your advice & ordered the book

“Profile Pic Ain’t Even Enticing Thou….You Made A Good Choice…Ur Offsprings Would Have Been Worst looking!!“

“Girl, your literally not saying that you married yourself! As in “married yourself”…
Then why the wedding at all if it’s only you on the way? I mean what’s the end of the story? Girl’s be wanting so bad to be in ’em news nowadays…gosh!”

“You get only one and be comfortable not all Congrats to yourself anyway“

See her post below:

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