Photo: Lady Reveals How a Man She Met For The First Time Dashed Her 500K After Two hours Of Encounter

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to narrate how a man she met for the first time yesterday sent her N 500,000 within a span of two hours of encounter.

According to the lady identified as NaraOzim (Pictured above) on Twitter, she is thrilled by the fact that the man ‘acted fast’. She divulged that she is happy with men who ‘act fast’.

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“I met someone for the 1st time yesterday and he sent me 500k in the span of two hours. I received it this morning. I like men that act fast😈” NaraOzim wrote

Some of the users of the mini-blog believe the lady is making up the story. A user who goes by the name @Rasputin commented that he enjoys the way the lady is fabricating the story.

”I like the way you lie” he wrote.

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Others believe the lady offered some kind of services to the man before he gave her that money. It wasn’t out of free will.

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