Photo: Amen Scientific Herbal Clinic’s Medicine allegedly cures a COVID-19 patient

The Chief Executive Officer of Amen Scientific Sheikh Dr. Amin Bonsu has been making efforts to get medications to treat , manage or cure COVID 19 patients.

Luckily it turns out that the following medications Amen Wabco , Amen fevermix capsules and Amen Chestico capsules could do the magic.

So he had a call from a lady who had returned from London before the lockdown and quarantined herself in her house.

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On day 12 of her quarantine she called Dr. Amin to complain about chest pains, difficulty breathing, feverishness among others.

Due to the nature of her complains these drugs were dispatched to her immediately. After hours of taking the drugs all the symptoms including difficulty breathing had vanished.

Dr. Amin then called for her samples to be taken and for weeks now she is still waiting for her results but very fit and sound.

Few days ago Dr. Amin received a call from a lady in New Jersey who had tested positive and was been treated from home.

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He then asked her to take Amen fevermix,chestico and wabco which she already had on her.

After taking the medications she was relieved of all the symptoms. She requested for a second test which eventually turns out to be negative.

Her room mate who also tested positive also took the same medications and the second test proved negative. Proof of her lab results are available.

There are a couple of other people who have secretly received these medications to treat COVID 19.


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SOURCE: ameyawdebrah