“Our girlfriends have left us; our lives in danger”– Accused Bullion Van Robbers cry out

Our girlfriends have left us; our lives in danger”–Alleged Armed men cry out.

A group of young men with gvns, have lamented over the negative discription given to them by the society.

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These men cried out that the recent wind blowing around them is having a negative impact on their social lives.

In the video sighted by Ghnewsbag online, their leader, known as Obour Belling said they are not criminals as alleged by the media but galamsey miners.

Furthermore, he said that they are just “galamseyers”, and they have never robbed anyone.

He claimed that a subsequent video that saw them invoking curses on bloggers and rumor mongers for accusing them falsely was an attempt to clear their names of any wrongdoing.

Moreover, he added that following the issue, their girlfriends have dumped them because they have believed the information the media has speculated.

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