OSWALD: All you need to know about the Biggest OUR DAY of all time

Oswald a young student from the Graceland school in Accra has been trending for the past two days after he sent a heartwarming message to his mother.

Oswald sent the message to his mother to sponsor him heavily on his OUR DAY, a special event organised by most Ghanaian basic schools to celebrate their last day in school before vacation. During such occasion pupils come with foods and drinks to celebrate.

Oswald as a mode of preparing for this special occasion penned a letter to his mother not to disappoint him on OUR DAY and she should even bring a special food for his favourite teacher, Mrs Appiah.

According to him, his day will be ruined if his mother fails him. This touching message was leaked on Twitter by a user identified as Gambit.


After the message was shared, big brands or companies and personalities took the opportunity to SPONSOR the young lad, his class and Mrs Appiah with the various items or services they offer in their companies.

Below are some of the companies that reacted to the viral letter.

Source: ghnewsbag.com