[email protected] protest lands taxi driver in hot water

The Nigerian taxi driver who stripped himself [email protected] to protest his arrest by security operatives has been sentenced to six months in prison.

Emmanuel Imhoudu, as identified, was arrested in Abuja. He flouted the ban on non-essential movement in the city where there is a lockdown.

On Thursday, a magistrate court in the city found him guilty of three charges brought against him and sentenced him to jail.

Also, they gave him the option of paying $78 (£62) as fine and an apology on national television.

It is not clear if any of the charges was for his protesting naked.

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Nevertheless, the Nigerian newspaper Premium Times, quoting an eyewitness in court, said he chose the option of a fine.

In the video, the visibly upset driver stripped himself of clothes to protest his arrest.

“I have children, I have a wife to feed, it’s money I came to look for,” he said in Pidgin.

“You kept us at home, what do you want us to do. Hunger virus is more than coronavirus.”

He said he had achieved what he wanted by taking off his clothes as he wanted the world to see his nakedness.

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Stripping naked is a now a trick used by some of these drivers in Nigeria to evade arrest; since security operatives are usually reluctant to seize naked people.

Also, there have been extreme instances of drivers stripping naked and smearing themselves with their own excrement to stop state officials from arresting them.

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