Nigerian man catches fish worth $2.6 million but ate it with his village people

Nigerian man catches Blue Marlian fish worth $2.6 million but ate it with his village people

A very controversial story reaching our news desk indicates that a Nigerian fisherman has caught a Blue Marlian fish which could have fetched him 2.6 million dollars but unfortunately he ate it with his village squad.

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The sad yet intriguing story which was shared by African Facts Zone on Twitter has generated a lot of debate online.

Below are some of the reactions from online:

Hunger Already came knocking before the Cost got sent In

How the f*cck was he supposed to know that it’s worth that much? I’d probably would’ve also eaten it!

This is why fishing should be banned! except you want to tag it and put it back in the sea, or sell it to preservers. stop killing animals in general they going extinct !

Lol, I guess they didn’t knew that it worth that huge of amount of money, I’m sure if they eventually know they wouldn’t eat it! But it’s really crack me up Him and him village people eat it, very funny

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The will remain poor!!! The selfie that the gentleman is taking with an android phone is for what if the can’t even Google to know more about their catch, the type of fish… Poor in spirit they will have the heaven as heritance

Them take in destiny do pepper soup

He did the most logical thing he could snap to show his win, then feast with his brothers
Most of the people here ranting never knew the cost of that fish either and would have partook in feasting as well. What would could he have done with a big fish? Show off and eat it.

Post below:

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