‘My girlfriend is g00d in bed that’s why I won’t leave her though she does not support my career’- Comedian Waris tells

Comic actor, Comedian Waris, real name Abdul Waris Umaru, has freely disclosed his love life to fans.

In a interview with YEN.com.gh, Comedian Waris said that he is in a romantic relationship with a young woman.

However, Waris is uncertain whether his relationship with the girlfriend has a beautiful future.

This is because, according to Waris, his girlfriend does not support his career as a comic actor (comedian).

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In other news, parents of the four Takoradi girls who were kidnapped and murdered according to a police report have expressed displeasure over the ruling of the Sekondi High Court, to sentence the kidnappers to death.

Ghnewsbag earlier reported that, the two Nigerians, Samuel Udoetuk Wills, and John Oji were found guilty of kidnapping and k!lling the four Takoradi girls and were sentenced to death(read more)

After the ruling of the High Court on 5th March 2021, Citi TV interviewed two parents and one grandparent of the various girls who expressed their disappointment over the ruling.

According to them, the girls are not dead and they would prefer to speak to the perpetrators over the issue rather than have them…continue

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