Meet the two adults aged 55 and 63 who sat for the just-ended BECE and their explanations

Ghnewsbag has confirmed the participation of two adults who sat for the just-ended Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the country.

The two who are aged 55 and 63 respectively were sat for the exam in the Upper East and Ashanti Region respectively.

Two adults who sat for the just ended BECE

1. Akusiak

Despite being a father who saw his wards through the previous BECE, Akusiak who is a 55-year-old mason decided it was time to also acquire a certificate since the night school system for adults was no longer existent in the country.

As a result, he enrolled at Nayoko Number 2 Junior High School in the Binduri District of the Upper East Region and was among the candidates who sat for this year’s BECE with hopes of continuing to the Senior High School or any Technical Institute to study building and construction.

As his name Akusiak suggests ‘never give up, he is determined to pursue his dream to the latter.

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2. Rita Offen

Rita Offen who was a candidate in the just-ended BECE with the Independent Brahabebome JHS A is a mother of five children who have all completed University.

The businesswoman said she decided to enroll in school and get educated so that she can use the knowledge acquired to manage her shop very well.

Apart from that, she enrolled for education so she will be able to read the bible in Twi and English and be able to express herself fluently in the Queen’s Language.

“All I want to say is that I’m encouraging women who are like me to take advantage and get themselves schooled. Your age doesn’t matter when it comes to education so make good use of the opportunity.

I would also want to thank my husband for giving me the opportunity to go back to school and encouraging me. You’ll always need a supportive husband to help you achieve such dreams and my husband did just that. Men should see what has happened so that they learn from it. If your wife wants to go to school, encourage her and support her throughout the process,” she told the media.

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