Man who was jailed at age 15, regains freedom after spending 68 long years in prison; shares his story

Man who was sentenced at age 15, regains freedom after spending 68 long years in prison.

A man who was jailed in 1953 as a juvenile has finally regained his freedom after spending 68 years in prison.

According to a report from CNN, Joe Ligon was sentenced at the age of 15 after he was found guilty of robbery and stabbing in Philadelphia with four other teens.

During his interview with CNN, the man said he “got caught up, in terms of being in the streets”. While he was found guilty of murder, his counsel, Bradley Bridge said his client never took anyone’s life.

Furthermore, Bradley stated that the child who was into criminal activities is no more and the person released in 2021 at the age of 83 has changed.

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Ligon lamented over his current state.

He said that, at his age he has no kid and he’s growing older everyday.

It should be noted that he was once granted clemency in 1970 by the then Pennsylvania governor. Ligon rejected the offer because it came with parole.

In 2017, the man yet again refused an offer of parole. A year before that, there was a law that found juvenile life sentences without the option of parole illegal.

With the new law, Ligon was resentenced to 35 years after spending decades in prison, a move that made him qualified for parole. But the man said no, explaining that it would not give him the freedom he desired.

The old man said;

”Now that I have regained my freedom, I will use my time to enrich people’s lives.”

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