Man plays video game in the hospital while his wife was in labour struggling

We know being in labour is really a painful experience and don’t need to be joked with as such. According to those who have been there before, having some love one around is really helpful sometimes.

It is usually the husbands who carry this responsibility by being there for their wives but that seems to be a little different from the man in this story.

Well, the man who was not willing to stress himself while his wife was in labour decided to occupy himself with some video game.

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Not everyone can see their wives in such pain, and as he waits; to calm his nerves and reduce anxiety, he decided to rock some video games.

It is not clear if she is the one that took the picture neither is it confirmed whether the photo was snapped before she went into the labour room.

She wrote; ”I hate this dude, mid labor and he playing warzone

But as expected some believe he’s just releasing stress and anxiety while others believe it’s not the right thing to do at the moment.

See some of the reactions below:

“What he suppose to do? help out?“ one user queried

“Women really don’t like seeing men happy. Maybe he’s doing this to ease his mind? He’s about to a dad, he’s probably under a lot of stress. And as soon as the baby is born, he’ll barely have time to play the game so let him savor this “

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others disagreed…

“Yes, actually. Encouragement, breathing coach, helping her get into different positions. Hell, when my son was born I held her leg in place for a minute.
You boys are why women say men are clowns.“

“YESS ! she is having his baby. Why did you even bring a f**kking video game there in the first place“

Wife’s post below:

She later introduced her baby after giving birth successfully.

“Introducing our rainbow baby, born 11/25/2020, so very thankful for you son , you will get better in no time Jair Eduardo”, she tweeted.

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