Man d!es after taking in loads of aphrodisiac to bang a 17-year-old girl

A man 55 years old is now not counted among the [email protected] as he has lost his life after taking in ‘tons’ of aphrodisiacs to chop a 17-year-old girl in a hotel room.

The 17-year-old girl identified as Precious, a Nigerian national told her side of the story when she was questioned by the hotel authorities after the death of the 55-year-old man.

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She said both of them had a great time in bed as the man impressed her with bedroom skills she has never encountered before thus making both of them fall into a deep sleep.

Precious woke up later to demand her payment only to find out the man was not responding. “He was dead” She stated.

In course to know what might have killed the yet-to-be-identified man, the hotel management later discovered loads of used sex enhancement tablets in the man’s belongings indicating that he actually abused them.

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Upon further questioning it was revealed that the girl is a provision seller around the hotel which is located in Warri in Nigeria but she engages in prostitution as a second busines business at night.