Man kills Baby Mama, engages Police in a shootout while on Facebook Live before gunning himself [Video]

A $h00ting at an apartment complex in Brown Deer, Wisconsin claimed the lives of three persons, including the suspect.

In a news conference, Chief Nimmer stated that the event appeared to have started as a domestic incident.

The 26-year-old guy shot his baby mom, a 31-year-old man who had arrived to assist her when he was attacked. A 36-year-old guy was also $h0t and wounded, and is fvghtvn for his life.

Throughout his encounter with the cops, the gvnman broadcasted live on Facebook. After kvllvn his baby mom, he delivered his final words at the end of the video. He requested that the youngster remain with his maternal grandparents and that a buddy who owes him pay what he owes to the deceased baby mama’s parents.

He went on to say that his acquaintance should keep an eye on the youngster on a regular basis. He $hut a bullet through his skvll after a brief prayer.

Video below:

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