Leaked Audio: “Stop playing village football or leave” – Kotoko Boss blast players over poor performance

Players of famous Ghanaian football club, Kumasi Asante Kotoko are in hot water after elimination from the MTN FA cup.

The Boss of the renowned club was totally upset and full of fury due to the recent bad performance of the players.

Dr. Kwame Kyei really blasted the players whiles he compares them to their fellow teams who are doing great.

In the audio, Dr. Kyei made it clear that it is not appropriate for the executives of the club to be mishandled by supporters of the club due to bad performance of the players.

According him, he can’t go out and stress himself looking for sponsorship for the players whiles they go to the field to play anyhow.

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Per his statement, he has his personal life invested in the club as well and no player works for him but they do their themselves good if they play hard.

“We are not here to pamper anyone anymore, If you can’t work hard, bring your resignation letter and leave” he said.

Listen to audio below :

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