Watch: Lady goes [email protected] in public while her boyfriend is on his knees proposing marriage to her

Lady goes mād while his boyfriend is on his knees proposing marriage to her

A lady who waited for years to be engaged has gone mād just seconds before her dream to be a wife was realized.

In an interesting yet sad video making rounds online, the lady loss her ‘humanity’ in the midst of a large group of people who were supposed to congratulate and applaud her for securing a fiancé.

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It is not known what caused the sudden change in behavior which obviously looked like someone who is going crãzy. Whether it’s over excitement or she’s shocked.

Ever since the video hit online, there have been several reactions with people linking the cause to a spiritual attack from family and friends who don’t want to see her happy.

It is also unclear if its the first that she is having this episode or it has been occurring because some of the individuals didn’t seem too surprised including her boyfriend.

Video below:

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