Lady baths man on the street to campaign for Akufo-Addo’s free water supply initiative

A woman was captured bathing a man on the street just to campaign for Nana Addo’s free water supply initiative.

During the periods where the covid 19 was at its peak in the country, the president announced that Ghanaians should enjoy free water supply for three months.

He also made electricity free for certain group of consumers and subsidized it for others (depending on your consumption rate).

These freebies were to be enjoyed for three months but were later extended to the end of the year.

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Well, that seems to have been really favourable to Ghanaians to the extent that a woman was captured bathing a man on the street as they campaigned for Nana Addo.

He’s bathing on the streets to show that there is water available for everyone at anytime and it is by the kind courtesy of the sitting president.

The man who was accompanied by party members was bathing in the middle of the road as cars pass by. Party members were pouring water on him as they shout ‘Free water Free water’

video below:

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