Kasoa: Tears Flow As 24-year-old Lady Commits Suicide After Leaving Goodbye Note In A Whatsapp Group Chat

Tears Flow As 24-year-old Lady Commits Svvicide After Leaving Goodbye Note In A Whatsapp Group Chat

The d3ath of a beautiful lady whose name has been given as Herty Eshun who lived at Kasoa is currently trending on local digital space.

Herty Eshun did deliberately bid her friends goodbye in a cryptic manner in a WhatsApp message that has popped up on the internet.

Her mysterious goodbye WhatsApp message made her friends suspicious that something was wrong, so they immediately called her to see if everything was alright.

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One of her male friends offered to speak to her until daybreak, but she couldn’t be rescued by the soothing words of her friends because she had already decided to commit svvicide.

In a space of a week and some days, Ghnewsbag has reported on 5 svvicide cases. First it was Leticia Pinaman, then a female teacher at Assin Fosu also hvnged herself. Another case is that of 11-year-old Isaac from Dambai, then a 9-year-old Christian Bobie Ansah from Afful Nkwanta and finally this. It is latest menace in Ghana.

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