Juaben Oil Mills Explosion: Family of one of the 2 deceased KNUST students wails and shows picture of him

The family of one of the two students who died in an explosion at the Juaben Oil Mill Limited have been captured in a new video wailing and calling out the name of the deceased.

In the video we came across, the mother of one of the kids was spotted under a tent crying in the midst of sympathisers, calling out the name of her son, Paakwesi.

With tears in her eyes, she explained their last moment together as mother and son before her son departed for work which he didn’t return.

One of the relatives was then seen with a picture of him. A handsome young man indeed.

Watch the video below:

We are yet to know the full name and other details about the two students who met their untimely death yesterday, keep refreshing GHNEWSBAG.

Read what happened HERE!

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