“Jesus can’t save anyone, Stop being brainwashed by a whiteman on a cross”- Efia Odo to fan who asked her to accept Christ

As we are celebrating Easter which is a season to remember the death of Jesus Christ, telling someone about Jesus is the best thing to do right now as a Christian.

Christians who are passionate about the Gospel don’t take this season lightly as they try all possible means to win souls for the Lord, even if it calls for they being persecuted or insulted.

That’s seems to be the story of one fan of Efia Odo who tried telling the ‘slay queen’ about Jesus Christ.

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On Instagram Efia shared a picture of herself in a red dress, looking attractive as some of her fans described.

“When people are kept in fear, they seize to think
Those who keep you enslaved never want you to know the truth.
Remember the truth shall set you free.
Get back your spirituality”
She captioned her post

In the comments, a fan replied that the Instagram sensation give her life to Christ.

Good morning sister. Please I beg you give your life for JESUS please. Only JESUS can save you and bless you @efia_odo thank you.” the fan preached

Efia who had taken her stand already not to believe in religion replied the fan to open her eyes, for there is no Christ to save anyone.

“Jesus can’t save anyone darling. Stop being brainwashed about a white man on a cross. These are stories told to your ancestors for the installment of fear to gain control” Efia replied.

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See caption of conversation below:

See Efia’s post below:


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