Jay Bugatti poses in [email protected] and [email protected] as he discloses that he engages in s£xual relations with women

Cross dresser, Jay Bugatti has revealed his s£[email protected] preference to his followers.

Jay, who said in the past that he intends to transition into a woman once he has the money, has always made posts about his attraction to men, so most people thought he was h0m0s£[email protected], but he’s letting them know now, that he likes women.

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He revealed today that he engages in s£[email protected] relations with women.

He shared a new photo showing him posing in a [email protected] and [email protected]!es as he addressed the topic of his s£[email protected]

“Stop gossiping it withing yourself trying to know if Jay Bugatti do p***y. Now let me help you out with the answer, YEAH I DO P***Y.”

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