‘I’m undervalued and underpaid black woman’- Serena Williams laments

Tennis star Serena Williams has lamented over how black sportswomen and black women in general are treated.

Serena said, she is an “undervalued” and “underpaid” black woman.

Williams has been a star tennis player for over two decades and has never been afraid to speak out.

”Disadvantaged people have a voice and I’m ever ready to help women and also stand up for people”. She disclosed.

She said ”I love being a voice for millions”

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The mother-of-one added that she has never been a person that did not like who she is and what she looks like. She likes how she looks and loves representing women of a darker skin tone.

In a cover interview with British Vogue, Williams said she wants to “change the narrative” regarding women not being taught or even being expected to be leaders.

Marie Claire reported that Williams said that black people now have a voice and thanked technology for the ability to see things that have been hidden before.

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