I swear I won’t take it- Lady refuses to take abortion pills boyfriend bought for her, asks him to use spoon to scoop his “juice” from her [Watch]

Ghnewsbag has stumbled on a new trending video online which is very fascinating.

The video captures an intense argument between two love birds.

From the short video, a lady is seen in a heated confrontation with her boyfriend who had apparently impregnated her and wants to get rid of the pregnancy.

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Furthermore, the furious lady did not want to compromise because of the risks involved in ab0rtion.

She insisted on not taking the ab0rtion pills her man brought for her.

Moreover, she asked him to use a spoon to scoop the juice from her if indeed he doesn’t want the pregnancy.

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The guy also stressed that “by hook or crook” the lady has to take the pill.

It obvious the lady wasn’t happy he [email protected]£ inside her in the first place and asked him severally whether he “redrew” it which he initially denied until she saw him with the drug.

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