‘I saw special voting ballot boxes being cut open from beneath and ballot papers stuffed in favour of someone’- Prophet Nigel Gaisie tells a revelation he saw [Full Revelation]

Founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has revealed that God showed him vision; that ballot boxes have been cut open and stuffed with ballot papers after the Special Voting exercise.

He advice that whoever is in control or oversees the people keeping the ballot boxes should be on red alert.

He ended by admonishing Ghanaians to be very vigilante in this year’s election.

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“Special voting Election has ended today and all the ballot boxes have gone for safe keeping at various police stations. I see a dangerous movement of ballot boxes stuffing. Ballot boxes that are in safe keeping being cut open from beneath the boxes and ballots changed in favour of someone else. The plastic ballot boxes have been cut open and sealed after the swap of votes without touching the seals. Whoever watches the watchman must be on Red alert that the ballot boxes are riot tempered with….”*VIGILANCE “VIGILANCE “VIGILANCE “HILL TV *PNG.” He wrote on facebook

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