I confessed to being a witch to save my life – Old woman shares ordeal

Hawa Yakubu, a woman who was subjected to severe torture by the priestess at Kafaba, Hajia Felina, for allegedly being a witch, has narrated her ordeal.

The 69 yr-old woman was admitted at the Salaga Government Hospital on Friday after she was tortured to pulp on suspicion of being a witch.

According to her, she was blamed for being the cause of one of her siblings illness , a claim she denied.

She revealed that she was picked up from her house on Wednesday and subjected to torture.

A large crowd accompanied the priestess, she narrated, to whisk her away from her house.

Madam Hawa disclosed that she was tortured and maltreated all in the name of witchcraft.

“I had to confess to being a witch in order to save my life. If not they would have killed me .”

She was admitted to the Salaga Government Hospital, where she gained strength . She wants justice for her ordeal.

“It’s unfortunate that Akua Denteh lost her life and may Allah grant her rest. For me, all I ask for is justice for the ordeal I went through.”

The incident has been reported to the Salaga District Police Command.