Sehwi Amoaya: Hunter mistakenly shoots man dead thinking he’s spurfowl

The residents of Sehwi Amoaya are in sorrow after a young man was shot by a hunter who taught he has shot an animal.

The hunter identified as Kwadwo Asoah killed Clement Blay during hunting after he mistook him for Spurfowl known locally as Akokohwedie.

This sad incident happened at Sehwi Amoaya in the Western North region of Ghana.

Clement who is a Maison was contracted by a Reverend Father in the town to renovate part of the mission house.

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Clement is a smoker but due to the respect and the favour he had with the Minister he didn’t want to be discovered of the habit so in his free time, he goes to the bush and smoke secretly.Unfortunately, the same bush is the hunting grounds of Mr Asoah.

On this hapless day, Mr Asoah who has gone to borrow the gun from a friend saw the bush shaking hoping its spurfowl and then took his shot.

According to him, the spurfowl bird is fast so if it sees you, you won’t stand a chance of killing it, so you take your shot ‘blind’.

After discovering he’s shot a person, he went to the friend he took the gun from to inform him. He bolted and the friend hid the gun. But after some hours of regrets, Mr Asoah reported himself and the case to the police.

Both the hunter and his friend are currently in police custody assisting with investigation.

The remains of the deceased has since been deposited at the morgue.

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