Hundreds dead after drinking methanol wrongly thinking it cures coronavirus

About 300 people have been reported dead. More than 1,000 have become ill after ingesting toxic methanol across Iran amid rumours it can help cure coronavirus.

Stories about fake remedies for coronavirus have spread across social media in Iran.

Social media accounts in Farsi falsely suggested a British school teacher and others cured themselves of coronavirus with whisky and honey based on a story in early February.

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Coupled with the use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers, some believed drinking high-proof alcohol would kill the virus in their bodies.

Dr Knut Erik Hovda, a clinical toxicologist in Oslo who studies methanol poisoning, fears Iran’s outbreak could be worse than reported.

‘The virus is spreading and people are just dying off. I think they are even less aware of the fact that there are other dangers around,’ he said.

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