How dare you specify the amount of time to spend on church services – Pastor Chris attacks

The founder and president of LoveWorld Incorporated also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has condemned the Nigerian government for specifying the amount of time worshipers are to spend during church service.

This was after government issued a list of guidelines ahead of the reopening of worship centers.

”I am stunned some people have the audacity to tell the church how many hours to spend on services”, Pastor Christ said.

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”How dare you? You cant not tell God people how long they can be in the church. If you build a building for the people, then you gonna tell them how many hours to use the bulding, but if you didn’t you have no right to tell God’s people how many hours to worship their God”, he added.

He also rebuked church leaders who agreed to observe the guidelines, especially those who did without consulting their congregation.

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