H0t Video of Duncan-Williams’ Son having a three$0me inside a pool hit online

The nud£s of the son of popular and powerful man of God, Archbishop Duncan Williams have hit online.

Ghnewsbag cannot confirm if the videos were l£aked by the guy himself but according to a Twitter user who goes by the name Kelewe Joint, the guy shared the video himself.

In one of the videos, the son of the popular man of God was spotted in a pool with two ladies. One of the ladies was spotted with wide open legs while the other lady was captured with her [email protected] buried between the first lady’s thighs.

The son of the man of God later joined the two as they practiced the er0tic scene. A voice behind the camera was heard behind cheering on the three.

A second video was also shared online but this time it is only the son of Duncan Williams without any pants on, tw£rking and showing off his d**k to the camera.

The videos since hitting online has generated a lot of reactions from social media users.

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”Duncan Williams’ son has just post a video of him showing his d**k and tw£rking as well 😂 This guy doesn’t care about anything aswer. He just dey live his life and do what he wants He’s basically saying his father is the pastor not him 😂”


Some are of the view that, he is ’soiling’ his Daddy’s name.

@JeremyBoamah2: ”oh man really dey dirty Archbishop Duncan waa ow”

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According to another user who goes by the name @thearmah, the guy inherited his ’bad’ behaviour from his Dad, since his Dad’s youth days was no different.

@thearmah: ”Duncan Williams ankasa then ein blood be thug before God call am. check like same blood dey run through ein son.”

Due to our site Policy, We can not post the video here but you can CLICK HERE to watch video 1 or CLICK HERE to watch video 2.

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