GRAPHĮ¢ VIDEO: Seven University students d€ad after corridor railing br0ke and they f3łł from the 4th floor during an Assembly

Video footage has captured the tragic moment when students thronging the fourth floor balcony of a university in Bolivia płummeted to their d€aths after the railing gave way.

Seven students were k!lled and five others !njured at the Public University of El Alto, second-largest city in Bolivia. The incident occurred as dozens of students crammed onto the narrow corridor to enter a lecture hall for an assembly on Tuesday.

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The di$turbing video footage, captured by a bystander moment before the students f3ll, shows them j0stling while leaning against the railing which c0llapsed due to the pressure of the crowd. A number of them then went ¢rashing down to the c0ncrete floor while a few were pulled up by those still on the balcony.

A student in blue jacket was saved by other students as she dangl£d ups!de down as her colleagues grab her shoes to rescue her.

The cause of d£ath was identified as “multiple defenestration łrauma,” Bolivian police chief Colonel Jhonny Aguilera told reporters.

An investigation has been ordered into the incident and the woman who was rescued would be questioned to find details.

Those d£ad and !njured are aged between 20 to 27.

“From this acc!dent, seven have d!ed and five are in a critical state, some of them stabilised,” health minister Jayson Auza said.

“Our deepest condolences to the people of El Alto and to the $uffering families. We await the prompt clarification of the facts,” Bolivian President Luis Arce said on Twitter.

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According to Bolivia’s Special Force to F!ght Cr!me, the students who lost their l!ves were identified as Raúl Cadena, Genio Mamani, Saúl Mamani, Daniel Rodríguez, Anahí Chipana, Loida Sosa and Tania Roque.

The b0dies have been handed over to the families without delay for last rights, the police said.

Watch video footage below (viewers discretion):

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