Girl, 11, shot dead by her dad while mum was cooking before he turned the gun on himself- Details

A girl battling terminal cancer was sh0t deād by her father, after which he turned the gun on himself in a murder-suicide.

Angela Ng, 11, who was undergoing chemo, was kîlled by her father Kenbian Angel Ng on Monday, August 10.

The child’s mother was in the house making breakfast when the apparent murder-suicide took place inside their family home, in Davie, Florida.

The girl dîed on the spot but her father was taken to the hospital where he dîed later.

“When police arrived, they had spoken to a female who had heard gunsh0ts coming from one of the rooms,” Davie police spokesman Lt. Mark Leone said.

Angela had been diagnosed with femur cancer and was scheduled for a leg amputation later this month.

Dr Kenneth J. Doka, a senior Consultant for the Hospice Foundation of America, suspects the father “may have wanted to take both of them out of their misery”, NBC reports.

Speaking of the girl’s illness, Davie police spokesman Lt. Mark Leone said: “It was a devastating terminal illness.

“She was not going to get any better. … It is such a tragic situation, a terrible situation.”

The mother told police she was in the kitchen when she heard sh0ts ring out in another room.

Neighbor Kenton Wells, 88, who lives next door to the family, told The Sun he saw and heard the mother let out “a scream from hell” on the street.

“I saw the mother come down the street past my house and when she got there, about 50 ft from there, she let out a scream that you could hear,” he said.

“It sounded like a scream from hell.”

“My daughter died in a car accident. She’s been dead 30 years. So I feel for the mother because I know what she’s going through. It brought back a lot of memories.”

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