Fans call for fight to end after female MMA fighter was beaten mercilessly by male opponent in mixed-gender clash [Video]

Viewers have expressed fury and outrage after a male MMA fighter mercilessly beat up his female rival during a gruelling inter-gender fight in Poland.

Viewers have described the scenes as ‘horrific’ and ‘absurd’ wondering how sanctioning bodies allowed the fight on October 29 in Czestochowa, Poland to go through.

Ula Siekacz, a female arm wrestler and well-built fitness instructor fought Piotrek Muaboy – a mixed martial artist.

The referee for the MMA -VIP event in Poland was forced to end the bout as the woman suffered a series of blows while the crowd shouted and cheered.

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Fans had to call for the fight to end as Muaboy landed hard, clean shots to Siekacz before pinning her to the canvas and applying ground and pound.

In the video, the pair are at first seen swapping fairly tame blows as they jostle for advantage in the ring.

Muaboy, sporting a black paint eye mask, then lands a series of solid blows to Siekacz’s face.

The fitness instructor however takes the hits and composes herself. But then as she goes in for a takedown she makes a terrible mistake.

Muaboy then manages to grab Siekacz and flip her over onto her back. 

Watch the video below:

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