Family Of Rawlings Breaks Silence On His Alleged 52-Year-Old Daughter, says it started in 2002

Family Of Rawlings Breaks Silence On His Alleged 52-Year-Old Prodigal Daughter

The woman identified as Abigail Mautor Rawlings has stated empathically that Rawlings is her father and she’s ready to subject herself to a DNA test to prove her claim.

Following that, there’s is a report that the family of J.J Rawlings has corroborated the claim.

According to, the family of Rawlings has confirmed that they welcomed the 52-year-old prodigal daughter of Rawlings, Abigail Mautor into the family in 2002.

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Though they noted that Rawlings neither confirmed nor denied being the biological father of the woman, they admitted he occasionally sent her money to support her and also to help her start a business.

A family member who spoke on terms of anonymity commended Rawlings’ estranged daughter for being committed to the activities of the family after being welcomed.

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He noted that Madam Abigail Mautor Rawlings has always been part of activities in the family at Dzelukope since she met the family but she has never come public with it.

However, they believe she’s now out with the secret because she’s not being allowed to mourn her father as a supposed daughter.

Also, it’s unclear whether Rawlings informed his immediate family about his 52-year-old daughter or he kept it to himself.

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