Family discovers that their son who’s been missing for 5 years after he went out to buy Suya was in jail after a random police raid

A family reportedly held a funeral for their son who has been missing for years, only to later discover that he was in prison after he was picked up during a random police raid.

Tobijulo narrated the sad tale on Twitter during a conversation about how people are picked off the streets randomly and sent to prison without trial.

She wrote: “A former colleague told me how her cousin went out one night to buy Suya down the street and they didn’t see him again. They searched everywhere, couldn’t find him. Year 1 passed, year 2, year 3, I believe it was in year 4 they decided to declare him dead and “buried” him.

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“Year 5 her mum gets a call, a church had done an outreach in a particular prison and a young man threw a sheet of paper with her mum’s number on it. He begged the people to call that number as it was his Aunt’s and he was wrongly imprisoned. Luckily for him they did and her mum went to that prison and that’s how they discovered he was alive o.

“After another set of wahala they finally got him out. Man was in prison for 5 years!! What happened that night?? He went to buy Suya, there was an incident, police raided the street and carried EVERYONE. He begged and tried to convince them that he wasn’t a criminal, they didn’t listen.

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“He was transferred 5 times to different prisons. 2 times to the North and once to the east. What he saw in prison ehn?”

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